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Product Description

The portable UFO speaker connects easily to any music device in just seconds!

The UFO’s unique handheld design is attached to a handy key ring so you can conveniently take it wherever you go. The funky LED light is sure to brighten up any party and add that disco feel.

The portable UFO speaker contains a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged quickly and easily via USB.

USB Charging
Recharge the Portable UFO Speaker using this convenient USB charging interface.

3.5mm Stereo Input
This product features a 3.5mm auxiliary stereo input for use with most devices. These enable you to play songs through iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc…

LED Lights
The LED lights light up and flash on and off with different illuminating colours.

Functions include:

  • Standard 3.5mm plug compatible with most other digital products
  • USB power input cable and charging
  • Attached to a handy key ring so you can take it wherever you go
  • Lithium Ion Battery – USB Port charging
  • Power output RMS 2.5W
  • SNR > 120db
  • Speakers D40mm
  • LED digital display

Working Time: Approx. 4 Hours (working time is volume dependant)

Charging Time: 2 Hours