Prepay and Save


The new way to shop for less!

With the costs of running a business sky rocketing in today’s difficult economy, it’s important that retailer’s look for ways they can pass savings on to their consumers in order to stay competitive in the market place.

One way that M&C Imports Ltd is maintaining their low prices on their high quality products is to offer customers the option of their Prepay & Save service.

For retailers to be able to provide customers with the latest products they need someone to finance their new stock from the production process until it’s sold. Pre-Pay & Save allows the customer to pre order products as they’re rolling off the production line and on their way to New Zealand’s shores eliminating the need for the middle man and allowing the savings to be passed on to you, the customer.

In some cases a customer may have to wait a little longer for their products however the savings well and truly make up for this slight delay.

Customers who use the Prepay & Save service may also request a refund at any stage of the Prepay & Save process – it’s just another way we make it easy to shop at M&C Imports Ltd.

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