How To Compare Portable iPhone Speakers?

With numerous brands and various configurations at your disposal, it can be a daunting challenge to choose the ideal set of portable iPhone speakers. When there are fewer options at hand, it is easier to make a decision but with numerous choices, making an informed choice requires extensive awareness and diligent research.
What you need to do, to choose the best portable iPhone speakers, is run a comparison of all those that fall within your budget. Looking at portable iPhone speakers beyond your budget is merely a time consuming exercise, hence right at the outset make a shortlist of those models and brands which you find affordable. Once you make the shortlist, you should look at these following attributes to determine which one is better than the rest.

Audio Quality
If you are an audiophile then you would know what kind of audio quality you want. In case you aren’t sure then check loudness, audio clarity, bass, treble and associated sound. First, the audio should be loud enough to be clearly audible in outdoors and there should be a good range of loudness. The bass must be heavy and should be adjustable. The treble must be clear. The general audio output must have clarity and there shouldn’t be any static noises. Many portable iPhone speakers make static noises and there is a distinct noise and interference when you raise the volume. These aspects should be looked at while comparing portable iPhone speakers.

Portable iPhone speakers with higher wattage will be more powerful. Normally, high watt speakers are more expensive however you should look at your shortlist and pay due consideration to the watts count.

The secret to efficient portability is in the size of the portable iPhone speakers. Many look at the designs and while that is important, the size, weight and dimensions matter the most. The portable iPhone speakers should be easy to carry around and to pack.

Even in your shortlist, there would be varying prices. Once the portable iPhone speakers have ticked the audio quality, wattage and size, you should look at the price.

Some portable iPhone speakers come with remote controls, additional batteries or features such as alarm clock, hands free speaker options and others. You may wish to opt for portable iPhone speakers that have these features which clearly make for a more pleasant experience.


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